Three teenagers charged with death of father of three

Peter Keeley, 56, of Canberra, Australia [Image credit: New South Wales Police]

On the afternoon of February 2nd, someone out walking their dog discovered a body that had been bound hand and wrists with duct tape in the bush-land of Broulee.


The autopsy of 56-year-old Peter Keeley, a father of three from Canberra, was inconclusive, but police note that he had suffered trauma to his head and face.


Detectives spent days going door to door in hopes of figuring out what Keeley had been doing in the days before his death and determining who he had planned to meet.


Eventually, dating apps which were allegedly on Keeley's phone led investigators to a 17-year-old.


Police are not yet saying if they believe Keeley's death was a hate crime as they are still in the process of investigating.

What they have said though, is that Keeley and one 17-year-old are linked through Grindr.  Whether the teen was on the app as himself or posing as another has not been disclosed.


Three teens though, all 17 and one of whom is reported to still be in school, were arrested on February 13th and charged with murder and aggravated kidnapping according to Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty.