Three found murdered in Queens home

Queens, New York: Police believe that the three victims had been dead for at least three days when their bodies were found on the afternoon of Friday, June 24.  Police are still searching for a motive.


No suspects have been identified and no arrests have been made.


22-year-old Varshana "Brittany" Malcolm was found bound with her mouth taped, in an upstairs bedroom of the home. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest and at least once in the neck.


"She's a family friend from Jamaica, just visiting," an unnamed relative of the family was quoted saying by the Daily News. "We've known her for years."


According to the Queens Post, she was identified by police as a cousin of the family and was a resident at the home.


In searching the residence further police found a locked basement door and forced entry. Inside, the bodies of 55-year-old Karleen Barnett and her son, 35-year-old Dervon Brightly were discovered.


They had also been stabbed repeatedly and both also showed signs of trauma to their heads.


Karleen's other son who lived at the home returned home on Friday and made the discovery. He was initially detained by police for questioning, but soon released when they determined that he was not a suspect.


Neighbors disclosed that they had begun noticing a "foul smell" coming from the home as they would walk past, but didn't think much more of it until officers arrived.


One neighbor, Isaiah Adams, spoke with the Daily News saying, "Who in they right mind would do that? Tying a girl up and then slicing them up? It's crazy. Scary world, really scary."