The Heart of a Young Believer (circa 1989)

Inner Struggle

I find it all so strange, Lord. Please help me understand
This world that You created by the power of Your hand
You made us male and female, and everything was right
All of your Creation was perfect in Your sight
But then man fell, through Satan’s lies,
And he made our hearts depraved
But you sent your Son to die for us,
So that we might be saved.
You offered this gift of eternal life
To every man, woman, girl and boy.
You said that if we walked with You
You would fill our hearts with joy.
Then why is it so hard, my Lord
To follow in Your ways?
I know that when I’m driven by lusts
I’m the one who pays.
For there’s a void inside of me
That only You can fill.
Please help me Lord, to call on You
And to break this stubborn will!