Teen father shot newborn daughter

Editor's note: The contents of this article will be greatly disturbing to most. 

On January 5, 2021, Harper was born.


According to the criminal complaint filed with the Wisconsin State Department of Justice, on that same day, she lost her life at the hands of her 16-year-old father, Logan T. Kruckenberg-Anderson.


Law enforcement was contacted on January 9 by one of the mother's parents stating that after their daughter had given birth in a bathtub in the home, Kuckenberg-Anderson "had taken the baby and the child has not been seen since."


When initially contacted by investigators that same day, Kuckenberg-Anderson told them that he had contacted someone known only as "Tyler" through Snapchat and made arrangements to pay him $60 to take Harper to an adoption agency in Madison.

Kuckenberg-Anderson was unable to give a last name, phone number, or address of residence for Tyler and could only provide a physical description and make and model of the vehicle that he was reported to be driving at the time of the meeting at a park.


The following day Kuckenberg-Anderson was interviewed a second time.  During the course of the conversation he told of speaking with the mother about either dropping Harper off at the local fire department or making the drive to Madison to drop her off at an "adoption place."  He told officers that he and the mother determined that he "would get rid of the infant by simply dropping it somewhere."


He reported that Harper was alive when he loaded her into a backpack and left the mother's residence.  He walked to his home where he told officers that he placed her into a larger backpack and then departed for a wooded area nearby.


"Kuckenberg-Anderson then walked to a remote wooded area in the Village of Albany.  Kruckenberg-Anderson then walked a short distance into the woods and placed the nude infant child into a small area inside a fallen tree. Kruckenberg-Anderson stated that when he placed the nude infant into the snow covered area in the tree, the infant began crying."


He further stated that "he then placed snow over the entire body of the infant and walked away," but he could still hear her crying.  He told officers that this caused him to "emotionally break down, fall to his knees and cry." Knowing that "leaving a nude infant exposed and covered in the elements would likely cause the baby to die," he left the area.


He told investigators where they would find Harper's body.


"On January 10, 2021, Wisconsin State Crime Lab employee Nich Stahlke examined the infant baby's body at the scene where it was located. Stahlke noted that he observed a gunshot would to the forehead of the infant child and a spent casing located to the right of the child."


Detective Christopher Feliz, author of the criminal complaint, accompanied by DCI Special Agent Lourdes Fernandez, spoke with Kruckenberg-Anderson.  According to the criminal complaint, he admitted to shooting Harper twice in the head.


The firearm believed to have been used by Kuckenberg-Anderson was recovered from a third juvenile.  He reported to DCI Special Agent Kyle Dilley that Kuckenberg-Anderson had given the firearm to him on January 8. The caliber of the recovered weapon has already been matched to the recovered shell casings.


Kuckenberg-Anderson was arrested on January 10 and has been booked into the Rock County Juvenile Detention Center.  He has been charged as an adult with First Degree Intentional Homicide and Hiding a Corpse.


Investigators are asking that if anyone has information regarding this investigation, that they contact the Green County Sheriff's Department at (608) 328-9400.


His court date is not known at this time, and law enforcement is not releasing any further information at this time.