Substitute teacher charged with 19 counts of child molestation


"It's disturbing. That's what it is," Ashley Hulsey of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office stated.


30-year-old substitute teacher Amelia Ressler was arrested on February 5 and charged with 19 counts of child molestation after she filmed herself "engaged in indecent and immoral acts while in the presence of school-aged children" at Mount Zion Elementary School where she was substitute teaching a second grade class.


Ressler shared a 13-second clip on Snapchat on January 28 which reportedly began by showing the classroom of 7 and 8-year-old children before showing her mastrubating in front of them.


"It appears she was mastrubating while the classroom was full of kids," Hulsey said. "We obtained video evidence because she videoed it herself and disseminated it and we were able to get ahold of that evidence."


The sheriff's office has stated that the charges against her may be upgraded based on the outcome of the forensic interviews being conducted with the children. The interviews will likely take several weeks to complete.


She is being held in the Carroll County Jail without bond.


Under Georgia law, child molestation, defined in a manner which includes  an "immoral or indecent act to or in the presence of or with any child under the age of 16" is a felony punishable by between 5 and 20 years in prison.



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