Son accused of murdering and dismembering mother

Shoreline, Washington: Law enforcement was called to the residence of 70-year-old Laurie Collins on the morning of Wednesday, June 30 for a welfare check after a neighbor reported hearing screaming and several loud thumps around 2:00 am the previous morning. The neighbor told officers that her vehicle was still parked in its spot which was uncharacteristic.


When officers knocked on the door 29-year-old Collin Boldizsar reportedly opened the door and then promptly "closed the door" on the officers.


Some time later he emerged from the residence and then immediately locked the door behind him.


Boldizsar's presence at the residence was a violation of a protection order that Laurie had taken out against him in May which barred him from any contact with her whether in person or over means of direct or indirect communication, and ordered him to remain 1,000 feet from her residence.


Officers began to inquire about Laurie's whereabouts to which Boldizsar reportedly answered that she was at work. When asked why his mother's vehicle was still parked in her parking spot however, he allegedly began to change his story.


Officers asked him about the reported noises heard from the residence and he attempted to explain the sounds by saying that he and his mother argued "all the time."


After attempts to reach Laurie on her phone went unanswered, officers forced entry. They found "the decapitated body of what appeared to be an adult female in an upstairs bedroom" and a baseball bat located nearby.


Boldizsar, who is described as a Super Smash Bros competitor, was found to have "self-inflicted superficial wounds to both wrists as well as cuts to both hands" when he was taken into custody.


"This was an extraordinary, violent offense, demonstrating that the defendant is a significant threat to community safety," Terry Carlstrom, a senior prosecuting attorney said in court.


Boldizsar's bond was set at $2 million after the judge found probable cause for a charge of second-degree murder.


On Tuesday, July 5 formal charges were filed against him in court. He has been charged with one count of premeditated murder including several aggravating circumstances and one count of violation of a protection order.


Boldizsar is scheduled to be back in court on July 19 for his arraignment.


Laurie worked as a budget manager at Seattle Pacific University's School of Theology. The university issued a statement following her death saying:


"The university is deeply saddened by the death of our longtime and treasured colleague Laurie Collins, budget manager in the School of Theology. Many faculty, staff, and students have known and worked with Laurie during her more than 30 years at SPU. She was a loyal and dedicated assistant for many departments, and a faithful colleague whose devotion to Christ was evident through her work. She will be profoundly missed by the SPU community."