Skeletal remains found in backyard BBQ pit

Houston, Texas: On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 12, police received a call from an unidentified individual that stated they had been working around a home and discovered what appeared to be human remains inside of a barbecue pit.


Officers arrived to the residence and began their investigation. Five hours later, at approximately 8:00 pm, officers arrived at the residence with a search warrant to allow them to recover the remains.

"I would say this is pretty uncommon. It's not our typical case," Houston Police Department Sgt. William Dunn told reporters.


"The barbecue pit doesn't look too disturbed. So, it looks like it's ben a while," that the skeleton has been there.


The barbecue in question is described as custom, constructed of brick with a metal cover.


After a preliminary investigation it is believed that the bones belong to an adult and have been there for some time.


"It's a full skeleton with a skull," Dunn stated. "I don't know if any bones are missing, but it appears to be a full skeleton."


The county medical examiner will determine cause and manner of death as well as the identity of the remains.


Officers disclosed that they spoke with the family that lives in the residence and determined that no one was missing.


At this time the matter is classified as a death investigation.