Russian car crash reveals cannibal

Saint Petersburg, Russia: On November 20, 2021 officers responded to an auto accident along A-121 in Sortavala where it is reported that a Mitsubishi crashed into barriers resulting in a body with a nearly severed head falling from the trunk of the vehicle.


Witnesses reported seeing the driver and two passengers flee from the vehicle into nearby woods.


Officers gave pursuit and soon arrested 23-year-old Yegor Komarov and 23-year-old Yan Shchepanovsky. Another individual was also arrested, but his identity was not released.


According to reports, the body located in the back of the vehicle, along with ropes and shovels, belonged to 50-year-old Arkadi Kazinjan.


Arkadi had allegedly been drinking with Komarov and Shchepanovsky when a fight broke out. During the altercation, Arkadi was killed.


Komarov and Shchepanovsky then reportedly contacted the third individual to assist with moving the body to cover up the crime. As they departed the location of the murder the men are accused of starting a fire.


Both Komarov and Shchepanovsky have been charged with murder and remain in custody, and the third individual was charged with concealing a crime and was released on his own recognizance.


While being questioned Komarov allegedly told investigators that he had killed before, a 38-year-old stockbroker that was killed in Sosnovka park in order to "taste human flesh." Until Komarov's statements, the crime had been unsolved as police had no leads.


Komarov allegedly stated, "In general, I like killing people." He additionally is said to have revealed that before hiding the body of the stockbroker in a drainage pipe, he had removed the man's tongue and taken it home to cook with butter. "I tried it, but I didn't like it. But I probably would have liked another part of the body."