Previously convicted former assistant principal pleads guilty to production of child pornography

Clayton, Alabama: A man that had been with the school system in Alabama for 18 years according to was initially arrested in 2015 on charges of production of child pornography and possession of child pornography. He was in court last week to answer to additional charges.


After 54-year-old Tim Odus Clevenger his school issued laptop to the central office for technical support, videos were discovered which appeared to show friends of Clevenger's daughter and were filmed from outside the home's bathroom window without their knowledge. The videos were taken in 2013.


At the time of his arrest Clevenger was the assistant principal at Locust Fork High School.


Eventually Clevenger was found guilty of the charges against him in June 2018, and he was sentenced in September 2018 to 18 years for the production charge and seven years for the possession charge. Circuit Judge Steven King decided the sentences would run concurrently.


During that case though, Clevenger attempted to blame the material on his 9-year-old son.


While the first charges were working their way through the court system Clevenger was charged with two additional counts each of production of child pornography and possession of child pornography. The second case involved a different victim than the initial filing.


On Thursday, June 17 Clevenger pleaded guilty to those additional charges.


"Today, for the first time, Tim Clevenger admitted that he perpetuated these horrific crimes against a young girl, "Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey said. "In 2018 he refused to acknowledge his guilt in the trial related to the first victim and instead testified that his 9-year-old son had snuck out of the house at night and took these videos and downloaded them onto this computer."


"The evidence showed that the downloads took place at 1:30 am on his school computer and that there was no physical way that the 9-year-old could have done this," Casey continued. "It takes a real piece of c*** to blame their own child for committing such vile acts knowing that they had actually done it."


The sentences previously issued were upheld as Clevenger received 18 years for the two counts of production of child pornography and seven years for the possession of child pornography.


Casey requested that the new sentences run consecutively with the first, but the judge decided that they should run concurrently.


Clevenger has been an inmate in the Alabama Correctional Facility since his June 2018 sentencing. His earliest release date shows as June 12, 2036.