‘Predatory pedophile’ admits to abusing over 20 additional children

Aaron McWilliams, 28. [Image credit: Metropolitan Police]

In 2017 Aaron McWilliams was jailed, for the second time for sexually abusing children. This time he was sentenced to seven years.  Now, the Metropolitan Police have announced that he has been sentenced to an additional term after admitting to 40 further offenses involving more than 20 children between 2012 and 2017.


According to the statement they issued on November 2, McWilliams had first been sentenced for sexually abusing a 4-year-old child in 2016.  After serving only part of his sentence, he was released and working once again as a live-in au pair within just weeks after forging references.


He was arrested for a second time in August 2017 after sexually abusing that 4-year-old child as well.


Since that second arrest and conviction, his cell phone has been under review.  Detectives reportedly located 2,472 images of child pornography as well as an "extensive collection of videos McWilliams had made of himself sexually abusing his young victims."


A total of 24 further victims  between the ages of 4-months and 14-years old have been identified, but investigators are far from certain that they have identified all of his victims.  They are asking that anyone that may have employed him or believe that he may have had contact with their child to contact them.


Detective Superintendent Adam Ghaboos, of the Central East Safeguarding team described McWilliams as "a predatory pedophile" that "is manipulative, cold, calculating, and highly dangerous to children and young people.  This case is amongst the most serious child abuse offending that the team has seen."


“I would like to acknowledge the courage of the young victims and their families who have endured the horrific abuse and the long-term harm these types of crimes cause," Ghaboos said.  "Their information has led to this prosecution, and McWilliams will spend a long time in jail where he cannot harm any other children."


After admitting to the additional offenses, McWilliams was sentenced to a life term of which he will be required to serve a minimum of nine years.