Police seek public’s assistance in locating missing 3-month-old

Angel Nichole Overstreet, 3-months-old. [Image credit: Huntington Police Department]

Huntington, West Virginia: The Huntington Police Department issued a statement on Tuesday, May 25 seeking the public's assistance in locating a 3-month-old girl when West Virginia Child Protective Services notified them that custody of the girl could not be verified.


According to the statement, officials with the West Virginia Child Protective Services had been tasked with contacting Angel's father, 38-year-old Shannon Overstreet concerning a custody issue out of Kentucky.


They reported to officers that Overstreet had allegedly told them that he had surrendered custody of Angel approximately two weeks prior to CPS employees.


"At this time, investigators are unable to substantiate a custody exchange between Shannon and the two described CPS workers."


Angel's "whereabouts cannot be confirmed since approximately May 8, 2021."


"Mr. Overstreet was located here in Huntington and came to the police headquarters here on May 24," Huntington Chief of Police Ray Cornwell stated. "He had stated to CPS previously and to our detectives that he had relinquished custody of the child two weeks prior to CPS from West Virginia. Child Protective Services from West Virginia has no knowledge or record of any transfer of custody of this child."


Yesterday Cornwell stated that Overstreet had been arrested on unrelated charges and was being held in the Western Regional Jail in lieu of a bond totaling $110,000.


According to the Herald-Dispatch Overstreet has been charged with felony malicious wounding and misdemeanor battery.


When asked why the Amber Alert System was not utilized in this case Cornwell explained, "The Amber Alert System would not be applicable in this situation."


"We consulted with the office that issues those alerts, the West Virginia State Police, and the Amber Alert System is used to put out information that is fresh, immediate, and ongoing. By the time the information came to us, the last known contact with the child was over two weeks away, so we did not have any fresh information or vehicle descriptions or anything like that. It was determined this situation did not qualify for an Amber Alert."


Cornwell also stated that while they have no immediate evidence of foul play, they are very concerned about Angel's wellbeing and consider Overstreet a "person of interest."


At this time investigators do not believe that the mother was involved in any way in the events that transpired over the past few weeks and stated that she is speaking and cooperating with them.


At this time, investigators stated that they have already executed search warrants at the home of Overstreet's mother, on his vehicle, and several electronic devices. State law enforcement agencies are working together with the U.S. Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct a search of property that Overstreet owns in Olive Hill, Kentucky.


Angel is noted to have a strawberry-shaped mark on the back of her neck and blue eyes.


Investigators are asking that anyone with information about her immediate whereabouts contact 911 and anyone with general information in this case contact the Huntington Police Department's Criminal Investigations Bureau at (304) 696-4420.