‘Operation Deviant Desire’ Nets 11 Arrests

Pictured from top left: Charles-Martinez, Farlly, Hackett, He, Kapadia, Luna, Reyes, Shook, Speicher, Webley and Wilkins. [Composite photo credit: News-JournalOnline.com]

Between September 26th and September 30th, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday, October 1st in a join press conference that 11 arrests had been made.


“It makes you want to throw up, to listen to what these guys are requesting a 14-year-old perform on them, and what they want to perform on a 14-year-old,” Sheriff Chitwood said during the Tuesday morning press conference.  "We're not going to tolerate people abusing our children.  If we don't stand up for them, who is going to stand up for them?"


Like many online stings, officers posed as underage children online.  The men that desired to engage in sexual activity with the presumed minors were given a public location to meet at where they were arrested.


One of the men was in such a rush to get to the meeting location that he received a speeding ticket for going 69 in a 35 zone.


The men arrested range in age from 19 to 55 years old.  They were each charged with at least one of the following: using a computer to seduce/solicit/lure a child, using a two-way communication deice to commit a felony and traveling to seduce/solicit/lure/entice a child.


“Clearly you know they weren’t showing up to this meeting to counsel them when you are bringing condoms, lube, a gun and sex toys. That’s what we are dealing with out there, and the message to go home to the parents is the Internet is a dangerous place.”


The Volusia Sheriff's Office website provided a breakdown of the suspects and contained an excerpt of their online conversation with the undercover agent.


  • Pengzhou He, 25 (DOB 3/3/1994), Sanford, Chinese national: “but I need You promise you’re 14. You’re not a bad guy.”
  • Carlos Charles-Martinez, 55 (DOB 8/10/1964), Daytona Beach: (sexually explicit comments followed by “Oh ok cool” upon learning the child was 14)
  • Laneil Wilkins, 29 (DOB 1/1/1990), listed address of Henrico, Va.: “I want us to get naked when I get there”
  • Mauricio Luna, 26 (DOB 4/14/1993), Deltona, Mexican national: “Let’s f***” (in possession of personal lubricant at time of arrest)
  • David Shook, 33 (DOB 1/8/1986), Altamonte Springs: “Wow didn’t look that young” (in possession of condoms, a handgun and a knife at time of arrest)
  • Kareem Farrelly, 33 (DOB 11/12/1985), Deltona: “I figured you was real young” (in possession of condoms at time of arrest)
  • Michail Hackett, 20 (DOB 5/14/1999), Sanford, Jamaican national: “Fun to me at this time of the night is sex I’m just being honest” (stated he did not know having sex with a 14-year-old is illegal in the United States; received a speeding ticket from the Sanford Police Department for traveling 69 mph in a 35 mph zone just prior to his arrest in Volusia County)
  • Gregory Webley, 37 (DOB 5/14/1982), Fort Pierce: “I can show u so much and show u how a man treats a woman” (in possession of condoms at time of arrest)
  • Kumar Speicher, 41 (DOB 5/4/1978), Jacksonville: “You home with your parents?” (in possession of condoms, loose pills, a sex toy, male stamina pills and a bottle with an unknown liquid at time of arrest)
  • Nirajkumar Kapadia, 24 (DOB 9/3/1995), Winter Park: “OMG so are you a virgin”
  • Samuel Reyes, 19 (DOB 10/15/1999), Eustis: “Well we can do oral sex???”