Not Today


My day hasn't gotten much underway generally before I find myself scanning headlines to see what has hit the news since last night, and then the research phase begins.


What did the other media outlets care to leave out of their reporting that the police included in their arrest reports?  What did a family member state to just one reporter that reveals the spiritual truth at play in these events?  Does it help to expose the satanic agenda at play in the world at large today?


This morning was no different than any other.  There are plenty of articles to write about whether a dog found in a box on a street in Miami, Florida that had been set aflame, or a 29 year old man that is being described by authorities as 'mentally unstable' who has now confessed to killing his mother, step father, and two step brothers before being discovered nude, drinking vodka.  Then there are the twins that were kidnapped by their convicted child sex offender father in New Mexico.


Then there are the editorials that are written from a purely secular point of view about the experiences people have had while working on shows that delve into the supernatural and "hauntings."


I just don't have it in me today.  I've been sitting here for nearly the last two hours trying to force myself to write up some news stories, and I just can't.  Not today.


While every news story covered here can be directly tied back to exposing darkness in its many forms, I feel as though reporting on much of it today would be almost a disservice in the face of what those reading this site know to be happening around the globe tonight.


There are human sacrifices going on.  Blood will be spilled and consumed.  There will be screams and cries.  Unimaginable abuses and atrocities will be committed by humans and against humans, fueled and empowered  by dark demonic forces that demand sacrifice.


God will see it all.


I am not going to use this platform to enumerate why you either should, or should not, participate in any events tonight.  Ultimately, that is between you and God.  I know what my assignments are, it's up to you to meet with Him and get yours.


What I will do though, is ask that you please, take some time tonight to say a few additional prayers:


There are people out there, likely attending 'Harvest Festivals,' handing out candy in your neighborhood, shopping at the grocery store, or just staying home, for whom this night is incredibly difficult.  Some may know why it's hard, others just know that the night causes anxiety and dread.


There are others that were raised knowing what this night is for.  And not just this one, but so many others as well.  This is their reality.  They have seen dark forces and powers and know them to be real.  What they don't know is that what they have seen is finite and limited compared to the power of God Almighty.


Some, are being held in dark locations, some in dog kennels, in preparation for tonight.  They are cold, terrified, hungry, and dirty.


Then there are those who, later this evening as the sun sets, will be lacing their boots up to hit the streets to pray for people and share the gospel.


And others still, that will be sitting by their phones, trying to touch base with as many as they can to offer prayer and comfort, knowing the difficulties this night brings.


Please, say a prayer for them.



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