Noah Tomlin: The Search is Over

Yesterday, the Hampton Police Department issued a press release that no one wanted in this case.


In a search that encompassed land, sea, and air, as well as multiple agencies including the FBI, combed through more than 1,000 tons of garbage, more than 10,000 man hours and lasted ten days, somehow, people were able to remain optimistic that Noah would be found alive.


Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult said the search took "a toll on our community and out first responders.  There are officers who are shedding tears.  I was holding one of our employees in my arms this morning that was crying."  Understandably, "it will take time for all involved to recover and heal," he added.


In the morning hours of the 3rd, investigators located what has cautiously been identified as the remains of Noah Tomlin inside the Hampton NASA steam plant.  Medical examiners are working to confirm the identity as well as the cause of death.


The Commonwealth Attorney's Office will determine what additional charges to levy against 34 year old Julia Leanna Tomlin.  She was arraigned this week, but has yet to enter a plea against the existing three felony charges of child neglect.