Newborn’s body found under a pile of laundry, mother charged


Pamela Davis, 24, was taken to the hospital on February 17th after she had been bleeding for upwards of 12 hours.  An initial medical examination showed "severe trauma" and determined that she had either been raped or given birth recently.


She denied both.


Additional testing revealed that her beta-HCG hormone levels were at 3,000 which confirmed that she had most likely given birth within the last 24 hours.


Davis continued to deny that she had given birth and "claimed that there was a large doberman in the house (which bites)," in hopes of keeping them away.


Undeterred, a probable cause search warrant was obtained and executed on February 19th.


An initial search of her residence did not reveal any evidence for either a rape or child birth.


WLWT reports though, that shortly after the search began, Davis called to tell investigators where they would find the child.  Investigators recovered the remains of a newborn that had been placed within a plastic bag and covered by a pile of laundry.


Fox 19 reports that the Grant County Coroner has confirmed that based on initial examination, the child was born alive. An autopsy is underway and it will be some time before a cause of death is determined.


In the mean time, Davis has been arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and concealing the birth of a child. She is scheduled to appear in court on March 16th for her arraignment.



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