Mother sacrificed 6-year-old son ‘to Allah’

Between 3 and 4 am on Sunday, February 7, a woman called emergency services to report that she had offered her six-year-old son Aamil as a "sacrifice to Allah" in a bid to please him.


Officers rushed to the home and found 30-year-old Shahida waiting for them at the gate with blood on her. Shahida is married, 3-months pregnant with her fourth child, and had worked as a teacher at a local Madarsa.


Police rushed into the home and found Aamil with his legs bound and throat slit inside the bathroom.


At the time of the murder, Shahida's husband, Sulaiman and two older children are believed to have been asleep in an adjacent room, only becoming aware of what had happened after officers responded.


Shahida is being held on a charge of murder and the investigation is ongoing.


Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of adding more charges and stated that once the booking process is complete, they will then determine whether or not to proceed with a psychological evaluation.


Op India indicated that she had no history of mental health issues, and that the family was not considered to be superstitious by neighbors.


"What is mentioned in the First Information Report is what the mother told the police control room. Only after a thorough investigation can we conclude whether that was indeed the reason or whether there are other reasons," Palakkad Superintendent of Police, Viswanadh R told The News Minute.