Mother charged with open murder for death of 3-month-old

Xiu Lin, 35, of Las Vegas, Nevada [Image credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department]

35-year-old Xiu Lin is due to be back in court on October 20 at 9:00 am for a preliminary hearing.  She remains in custody in the Clark County Detention Center in lieu of $20,000 on a charge of open murder in the death of her 3-month-old son.


Officers responded to a call of a baby that was not breathing on September 1 and transported the infant, Stanley Shah to the University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.  An examination by doctors revealed extensive bruising and fractures to his skull.


According to an arrest report, the nanny told officers that she was washing laundry when she heard something and discovered Shah lying on his back on the tile floor.  She placed the child in the crib, but noted that he was not moving.  The nanny told police that she believed Lin had dropped the child from the second floor, but the report notes that the nanny "did not see her do it."


Lin was found at that time, acting erratically in the kitchen and reportedly tried to stab herself.  She was stopped by friends and was then transported to Southern Hills Hospital.


According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, "Liu was crying and told [her friend] to tell officers that she has 'mental problems' and 'it wasn't me,'" the arrest report states.


The father told officers that Liu had been excited about the baby, but then became depressed after the child was born.  The family was concerned and so, sought help for Liu and hired the nanny to assist with the childcare.


In late July Liu was reportedly prescribed something for the depression, but it is unclear as to whether or not she was taking the medication.


A friend is said to have told police that it was believed that Liu had attempted to smother the infant at one point by placing her hand over his face before she "woke up" and realized that she did not want to harm her child, but additionally stated that she'd never witnessed Liu harm the child in her presence.


The friend also stated that Liu had told her that she would see ghosts and vampires, or images of deceased relatives in her dreams becoming to her to come with them.