Mother called emergency services to say that she had killed her three children and wanted to kill herself

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At 5:20 am Saturday morning a 31-year-old Nepali woman in the Vienna suburb of Donaustadt called emergency services and stated that she had killed her three children and wanted to kill herself. 


Emergency services rushed to the home and located the woman, identified by DCNepal as Chanda Bhattarai Aryal, with non-life-threatening injuries to her wrists and immediately secured her.  Her injuries did not require hospitalization.  Upon searching the residence, they located her three children, all girls ages 9 and 3, and 8-months.


 "During an immediate search of the home, the police officers found two girls with clear signs of death. A third girl was hospitalized, but the resuscitation was unsuccessful," police spokesman Paul Eidenberger told Wiener Zeitung.


A preliminary investigation determined that the children had been suffocated.  There is no indication that the official findings from the medical examiner have been released yet.


The Vienna Child and Youth Welfare Service spokesperson Andrea Friemel issued a statement indicating that they had "known the family for two weeks when they received information about eviction by the police."  During initial contact with the parents and children, they assessed that an impending threat to the children "was not foreseeable during the contacts."


The eviction which triggered their involvement was the result of a domestic dispute between Aryal and her 44-year-old husband.  As a result, a protective order was issued which extended through the end of September.  Police stated that she had the option to request that it be extended.


That dispute has evolved into a divorce proceeding and Aryal was allegedly concerned about losing custody of her children to her husband.


The matter remains under investigation and Aryal is being evaluated to determine if she is fit for questioning.



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