Missing CIA “Page 25” Finally Disclosed

I was corresponding with an individual back in September and we got onto the topic of the sacred geometry of the torus. I had never heard the term before, so I asked him, “What’s a torus?” To which he replied,

It’s the shape of the universe. A donut. The 2 sides of it are 2 magnetic poles, and the current runs in an 8 pattern, infinity. It’s alternating current, zero-point energy. And if you clone the torus schematic, you will end up with a ‘UFO’. You just have to match a planet’s rotation with your double torsion field setup, which is just an electric motor hooked up to a generator on the other end. The motor spins the generator, and the generator creates energy to power the motor on the other side. It’s a balanced energy system, but the point isn’t to get energy out of it through the motor, it’s to create the torus, and then energy just sinks into your vortex via entropy. If you match the spin of the energy system around you, usually a plane (for this planet, Earth, you need about 90,000 rpm to get the phase lock). And then, insta-infinite energy from the magnetic field of the planet, re-routed to your system. The ship becomes invisible and ‘push-through’. It snaps away from space time, then, you meditate, and your own torus harmonics will sink with the ship’s outer energy layer. Then, you ‘pop’ to wherever you wanted to be, both space -and-time are available instantly. This is why they don’t want UFO disclosure—’cause people will ask ‘how do they get here?’ and then the oil/money control of the planet will collapse for the NWO.”

I was a bit mystified the first time I read it but continued to mull over the implications of a donut shaped universe, infinity symbols, and dimensional travel afforded via double-torsion fields of energy. All a bit over my head, but interesting and worth contemplating.

But after a half a dozen emails between me and this individual, our correspondence dried up and all this talk about the torus settled on the back burner of my brain. That is, until I stumbled upon an article today on the Vice website written by Thobey Campion entitled, “Found: Page 25 of the CIA’s Gateway Report on Astral Projection.”

As spook legend goes, the CIA declassified a file in 2003 entitled, “Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process.” The document was created nearly four decades ago in June of 1983. According to Campion, the document “packs a tour-de-force investigation into the potential achievability of astral projection into 28 hyper-dense pages.” But alas, Page 25 was omitted from the report and there are quite a few people who have been on the lookout for it ever since. What exactly was contained on Page 25, where is it, and why is it missing?

The document was created by US Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell, with the assistance of Israeli-American biomedical engineer, Itzhak Bentov. Early in the report, McDonnell expresses his intent to “construct a scientifically valid and reasonably lucid model of how consciousness functions.” He also stated that he wanted to bracket all talk about out-of-body experiences and astral projection within the confines of science-speak, in order to “remove the stigma of occult connotations.”

Neither the US Army, the CIA, nor the US Government came up with the Gateway concept. Much, if not all of it, was based upon the research of Robert A. Monroe. Who, though deceased, still bears the name on the side of the building of the Monroe Institute located in Faber, Virginia, is still thriving today—training Average Joes how to use Hemi-Sync and brain entrainment methods of meditation and binaural beats-based techniques to, “put them into direct experience with expanded states of consciousness where you can explore and ask questions and receive answers and visit past lives.”

Ask questions of whom, you might be asking? Well, according to the declassified document, participants of the CIA-sponsored astral projection program were warned to be, “intellectually prepared to react to possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded.

Now, this is where the torus comes back into play. Because you see, the torus was the much speculated about topic of the mysterious missing Page 25. And where was this illustrious page hiding out all these years? Why, the Monroe Institute, of course!

The term torus is not used specifically in the document, but rather the phrase, “the universal hologram in spiral form.” This imagery is borrowed by many world religions and drawn in the form of the Helenic stylized labyrinth, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and the Chinese Spiral Through the Fourfold Powers. The torus/donut/spiral universe concept of double-torsion fields and the ability to ‘pop’ up wherever one wants in the universe fits nicely into a scientific explanation of astral projection—where your body remains on earth, but while in an altered state of consciousness, one’s soul (or astral body) ‘pops’ into the astral plane. Well, mission accomplished Lieutenant McDonnell—you succeeded in explaining astral projection in purely scientific terms (still not sure this explanation sounds any less occult though, in my opinion).

Page 25 also, rather predictably, lumps all religions into one—refers to the universal hologram as “The Absolute” and refers to the Absolute as a “him,” and even directly correlates the Absolute to the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit. This is likely why Page 25 was not disclosed in 1983 but is being freely disclosed now. Judeo-Christian America was simply not ready for the New Agey “all paths lead to God” disclosure back in the 80s. But now—after a couple decades of this stuff being paraded right through the front doors of the Church in the form of contemplative prayer, prayer labyrinths, yoga, meditation, and sozo prayer—the Church is now not only likely to not reject the message, but with arms wide open, are ready to fully embrace it.

To read the entire disclosed CIA document, including Page 25, click HERE