Mask-wearing man fatally stabs two, injures siblings, in violent attack

23-year-old Oscar Urias of LaPlace, Louisiana. [Image credit: St. John Parish Sheriff's Office]

On Sunday afternoon, at about 4:30 pm, a brutal stabbing took place in La Place, Louisiana.  The motive remains unclear.


23-year-old Oscar Urias walked into a bedroom in the residence that he shared with his 31-year-old girlfriend Elizabeth Tornabene and her 15-year-old sister, Hattie.  Also in the home at the time were Urias' siblings, a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, who were vising from Baton Rouge for the weekend.  They had been living in the home for "maybe one month."


His girlfriend is said to have followed him into the bedroom before exiting a short time later.  Behind her was Urias who had allegedly donned a red-colored devil mask and was armed with two knives.


Urias began to viciously attack Tornabene and fatally stabbed her.  When his siblings attempted to intervene and stop him, he turned on them, stabbing his sister several times which has left her in serious condition.


His younger brother and Hattie both fled the residence on foot and Urias gave chase.


The brother, who was treated for injuries and released the same day, flagged down a passing motorist who called the police.


Hattie fled to a nearby residence where she sought shelter in an open garage.  Urias found her there though, and continued his attack.


The homeowner, who Tregre stated was known to him, heard the attack  while he was watching football and looked out into the garage.  This drew Urias' attention and according to Trege, he began to try and make entrance to the residence.


“I knew I couldn’t let him in here,” the homeowner told NOLA.  He barred the door and ordered his wife to take their grandchildren upstairs for shelter.  After a few minutes, Urias gave up and returned to his victim.  “I know what he was doing,” the homeowner said. “The last thing I heard her say was, ‘You’re gonna kill me.’”


The man reported that as he peeked through a window, he saw Urias walk out of the garage with some of the girl's insides draped around his neck.  He reported that more body parts were later recovered from his driveway.


Deputies soon arrived on the scene and ordered Urias to drop the knives.  He is said to have complied at which time he was taken into custody by three deputies.


“The only thing I regret is not being able to save her,” he said of the girl who died on his garage floor. “I didn’t know she only 15 years old.”


Trege reports that Urias, who is in the country illegally from El Salvador, has made a complete confession related to the attack and has been charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.  Stating that the facility at the Sheriff's Department was merely a "medium security facility," he informed the media during the press conference that Urias would be transferred to a state facility which would be better able to handle him.


A blood-draw was ordered to check for possible narcotics use.

Elizabeth Tornabene with Oscar Urias [Image credit: Facebook]