Man Sent Video of Himself Abusing Child to Victim’s Parents

An unidentified 21 year old Indonesian man was arrested on Tuesday December 3rd after he sent a video of himself abusing a 15 year old girl to her parents through Whatsapp.


"So in August 2019, the victim was invited to hang out in the vacant land of Bukit Palma Housing, this perpetrator was indeed a friend of the victim," Ruth Yeni, the head of the Surabaya Police’s Women and Child Protection Unit said.


The perpetrator is reported to have given the girl money to buy food before abusing her and recording the abuse on his cell phone.


The suspect accidentally sent the footage to the parents of the girl.  Upon receipt of the footage, a police report was filed and the man was arrested.


He has been charged with child molestation and faces up to 15 years if convicted.


The investigation in this matter is ongoing though, as authorities are attempting to determine who the intended recipient of the footage was.