Man makes first appearance in court for charges of rape and murder of 2-year-old

Enid, Oklahoma: 51-year-old Michael Scott Geiger made a brief first appearance in court on Monday, June 6 for a bond hearing. He will return to court on Monday, July 11 for a status hearing.


Geiger is facing charges of first-degree murder, first-degree rape, kidnapping and burglary for the April 28, 2022 death of 2-year-old Caliyah Guyton at the Grand Prairie Motel.


Officers were called to the motel at 1:47 am after Caliyah was found floating in the motel swimming pool with orange shorts wrapped around her neck. Part of the transcript of that 911 call has since been released.


Despite those that found her reporting that they believed she was already deceased, the 911 operator provided instructions on how to preform CPR and emergency responders attempted life saving measures while transporting her to Integris Bass Baptist Hospital where she was pronounced dead.


It was noted that Caliyah had injuries consistent with sexual assault.


Police quickly identified Geiger, who had just been released from prison on March 29, 2022 where he had been incarcerated for 10 years for kidnapping, as their primary suspect.


He was located hiding on a rooftop nearby after a 7-hour search. Geiger had blood on his hands and body at the time of his arrest.


Geiger had two rooms at the motel at the time of his arrest and police described one of them as having "clearly been staged to lure [Caliyah] as it had gummy worms spread across the bed" as well as juice bottles scattered throughout and the television set to show cartoons.


The night before, after meeting Caliyah's parents at the pool, Geiger reportedly drank and used methamphetamine with them in one of his rooms. Geiger is said to have offered Caliyah's mother $5,000 to spend 24-hours with him.


She reportedly declined the offer, but stated that she and her husband would find someone in Enid willing to take him up on that offer. They left the motel shortly before midnight to find the woman.


During the time when they were away from the motel, Geiger is believed to have snuck into the room where Caliyah was sleeping with her grandfather and to have kidnapped her. It was not until her parents returned that it was discovered that she was missing.


According to a statement posted to the Enid Police Department's Facebook page following his arrest, "Geiger did not confess to the crimes during an interview but made statements that corroborated physical evidence collected at the scene."


"This was an aggravated assault on an innocent child and a very disturbing incident," Lt. Bryan Hart stated. "We're glad this case was brought to an end in a timely manner with Mr. Geiger's arrest."


A GoFundMe account was established to cover Caliyah's funeral expenses. The campaign, established by Caliyah's mother, met it's goal a month ago.