Man convicted of child pornography possession breaks into girl’s bedroom

Russell James Anderson Baldwin, 37. [Image credit: Ramsey County Sheriff's Office}


In January of this year 37-year-old Russell James Anderson Baldwin was convicted of three counts of possession of child pornography in Isanti County District Court.  Each of those complaints, according to Pioneer Press involved images of prepubescent females.


At 3:00 am on Monday the 10th Ramsey County Sheriff's Officers were called to a residence in Vadnais Heights for a report of a burglary.


According to statements made to officers, a 14-year-old girl had been video chatting with her boyfriend in her bedroom when the exterior door to her room began to slowly open and a man walked in and sat on the bed saying, "We need to talk."


When she made a move to reach for her cell phone which was plugged in charging, she reported that the man had blocked her path with his body saying, "No, no, no."


Her boyfriend called the girl's mother to notify her that there was a man in her daughter's bedroom.


She came into the room and ordered the man to leave, which he did by the same door he had entered.  She reported to officers that she could smell alcohol on him.  After he climbed back down to the front yard, the mother took an image of him as he left.


In speaking with investigators, the girl stated that this was not the first time she had seen the man.  She reported to them that he had attempted to contact her numerous times on social media and provided investigators with at least one screen shot of a message that he had sent to her before she blocked him.


She additionally told them of an encounter that had happened earlier in the month at Greenhaven Park where he had asked her to enter his vehicle.  She didn't respond to the request and he eventually left the park.


Police later remembered that they had picked Baldwin up, drunk and homeless, from that very park on August 4th.


Baldwin was taken into custody.  According to WCCO, he admitted to climbing to the girl's balcony and told the police that he went to the house concerned about the financial well-being of the family and merely seeking a friend. In another statement, however, he is said to have told investigators that he had never seen the mother or girl before and didn't remember whether or not he had been in the girl's bedroom as he was drunk.


When asked how he knew where the girl and her mother lived, he is said to have told investigators that he ran a search for the woman's name online and thereby located the address.


In a photo line up, the girl was able to identify Baldwin with "120% certainty" and her mother was able to pick him out with "95% certainty."


Baldwin's cell phone is being examined by investigators.


Baldwin has been charged with first-degree burglary and harassing someone under 18-years-old with sexual or aggressive intent.  If convicted he faces up to 20 years for the burglary charge, and up to 10 years for the harassment.



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