Man charged with aggravated child abuse after infant is found to have multiple fractures

Justin Michael Gluck, 25, of Tampa, Florida. [Image credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office]


On Monday an arrest was made concerning a case of aggravated child abuse that took place in Florida between June and July of this year.


The Hernando County Sheriff's Office posted a statement to Facebook explaining that the case came to light when a mother was bathing her 2-month-old infant on August 3rd.   According to the statement, the mother noticed that her child would begin to "cry uncontrollably" when moving the infant's arms for bathing purposes.


The mother made contact with the child's pediatrician who ordered x-rays.  Those images revealed multiple fractures and prompted the child to be transported to the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital for further assessment a treatment.


A skeletal survey of the infant was conducted and revealed "corner fractures of the left upper arm, fractures to both upper legs near the knees, and a fracture of the left lower leg near the knee."  Physicians located an additional rib fracture and compression fracture in the left forearm.


Their assessment was that the injuries were consistent with "high velocity shaking, forceful jerking, and/or twisting of an extremity" as well as compression as shown by the rib fracture.


According to the physicians, some of the injuries were seen to be in various stages of healing.


Hernando County Sheriff's Detective Johnson and deputies with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office made contact with 25-year-old Justin Gluck at a motel in Tampa where he was staying.


During a recorded interview, Gluck is said to have explained that on multiple occasions between June and July, when he was in the presence of the infant, the child would "cry constantly" and he responded out of frustration and anger by shaking and squeezing the victim in an effort to stop the crying.


Gluck is said to have also said that on several occasions he picked up the infant out of a crib abruptly by the left arm.


While changing the infant, he additionally would force the child's bent legs or arms into a straight position when attempting to dress the child.  According to the statement, he admitted to hearing "a popping noise" very similar to what is heard when an adult cracks their knuckles.


After the interview, officers with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office arrested Gluck, and he was transported to the Hillsborough County Detention Center for holding.


As of this morning, Gluck is now in custody at the Hernando County Detention Center where he is being held without bond on one charge of cruelty towards a child/ aggravated child abuse.


His court date is not known.




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