Man arrested after kidnapping and assaulting teenager, threatening to kill her

Canton, Ohio: 27-year-old Samuel Dee Bowels is in jail after being charged with kidnapping and aggravated menacing, assault, and criminal damaging or endangering of a 17-year-old girl on May 15.


The unnamed victim, according to WKYC, identified Bowles as her boyfriend and indicated that he was using methamphetamine and it would effect his mood.


In Ohio the age of consent is 16-years-old.


Bowles is accused of forcing the girl into his vehicle and then taking her to an oil well site where he hit and strangled her. Some reports indicate that he removed her from her home and others report that he removed her from a vehicle near his home where she had gone to retrieve her belongings.


At that site, the victim told police that Bowles had threatened to break her fingers, pull out her teeth, kill her and carve his name into her face. She stated that he had also shown her a hole saying that it was where he intended to bury her.


Bowles is then alleged to have returned to his home where he gathered pliers, scissors, a pocket knife and a hammer. According to WKYC he also instructed the victim to get her clothing saying that it "would take some days" to kill her.


In order to "stop police from learning she was being held captive," court records seen by WEWS state that Bowles broke her phone.


Bowles is then accused of taking the girl to a home in Canton where a friend lived. At that location, Bowles is said to have barricaded himself and the girl in a room after asking to be allowed to spend the night.


Others in the home became concerned for the girl and called police. Bowles left the scene before officers arrived but was taken into custody a short time later.


In court earlier today, represented by Tony Wise, Bowles waived his right for a preliminary hearing and the case was transferred to a grand jury and the common pleas court.


According to court records in Stark County, Bowles has a rather extensive history including charges of robbery, theft, domestic violence and obstructing official business as well as traffic infractions.


The most recent domestic violence charge dates to February 2020.  On May 27, 2020 that charge was dismissed by the prosecution and the temporary protection order that had been issued by Judge John Poulos was cancelled. Likewise, an older domestic violence charge from December 2016 was dismissed on January 19, 2017 evidently because the witness failed to appear.