Man allegedly told officers he “had to kill them to get the demons out” after attack on family

Mercer County, West Virginia: 45-year-old Johnny Carson York Jr. was arrested on Friday, August 27 after police were called to his parents' residence on a report that he was trying to hurt members of his family.


According to WVNS the responding officer was notified en route that the situation at the home had escalated and that York was trying to shoot his parents with a bow and arrow.


York was arrested and booked into the Southern Regional Jail and Corrections Facility on charges of malicious assault, brandishing, and destruction of property.


Deputies stated that after his arrest York told them that he "had to kill them to get the demons out" and "I feel like I have to kill everyone I see."


Statements from the family members at the scene revealed that earlier in the day York reportedly broke a television in the home. As a result of that event his parents both took out Domestic Violence Protective Orders against York, but that order had not yet been served.


The situation that night escalated when York was asked to put items into the shed before it began to rain. York is said to have thrown a lighter at the man and then began to chase his family members with a maul axe.


They were able to evade the initial attack and call 911 which is when York is accused of attempting to shoot at them with a bow and arrow.


As of Wednesday, York had not yet entered a plea to the charges against him and it remained unclear as to whether an attorney had been appointed that could speak on his behalf.