Man Allegedly Confesses to Killing Parents with Sword

Levar Fountain, 38, of York, Pennsylvania.

Officers were called to the Fountain residence in York, Pennsylvania Saturday evening after 7 pm, for a call of cardiac arrest, and arrived to find some family members standing outside the residence distraught and crying.


Officers learned that family members had grown concerned after not hearing from John Fountain, 74, and his wife, Mary Fountain, 65 for several days.  One of the family members showed up to the residence and discovered a note on the door stating that the family had moved to Florida.  Upon checking with family in Florida, they learned that they too, had not heard from either John or Mary.


According to charging documents, family had kicked in the door of the residence and found bodies inside.


Upon entering the residence, police reported finding dried blood on the walls, stairs, hallways, and in bedrooms.  In the basement under a sheet were the bodies of John and Mary, and stacked next to them were the bodies of some family pets.


Police also located Levar Fountain inside the residence wearing jeans and shoes that had dried blood on them.


After initially telling family members that he didn't know what had happened, Levar was later interviewed by police and is reported to have confessed.


Charging documents state that when police informed him that his parents were killed, there was no emotional reaction and he asked no questions.


After confirming that he was familiar with the Miranda rights and evidently even reciting them to detectives, there was a brief pause in the interview before, according to charging documents, "The defendant admitted to killing (the Fountains) by using a sword that he had in his room.  After the killing, he moved (them) to the basement level of the house and covered their bodies with a sheet."


Levar even admitting to killing several pets "as they were known as "GOD" but spelled backwards, which made them lower class dragons and they had to be killed."


At some point during the course of the interview, Levar is said to have told investigators that he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had not taken his medication for several days.  After killing his father and stepmother, he posted the note on the door of the home and then went to his room for three days.


Levar is being held in the York County Prison without bail on two counts of homicide.  His preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 7th at 9 am.


Sheena Fountain, daughter of John and sister of Levar spoke with WPMT concerning the loss of her father and stepmother.


"I lost my father, and I lost my stepmother, and I'm hurting, but the truth of the matter is, he's sick," she said before expressing her desire that there be more resources available for those that need to speak about their state of mind.  She also said that the process of getting help is complicated.


Sheena stated that while she feels "remorse" for her brother, knowing that he was not in a right mental state at the time of the killings, she doesn't feel as though she could face him again.  She credits God with giving her the strength to get through this time and finds peace knowing that her dad was a man of faith that was a leader several religious organizations.


"I know it sounds crazy, but I still have joy because he knew Jesus, and I know that I will see him again. My job now is to live right so when it's my time I'll be able to see him."