Man accused of murdering and sodomizing 9-month-old boy

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: Wednesday, May 12, 36-year-old Mohamed Badruldin Mohamed appeared in a Magistrate Court where he was charged with murder and sodomy of a 9-month-old infant that had been left in the care of his wife.


According to CNA the woman left the infant with her husband while she cleaned on April 27, 2021.


"During the incident, the female suspect was cleaning the living room and had left the baby alone with her husband in a locked room for two hours before finding the baby unconscious," they cite the district police chief as saying at a press conference on Tuesday.


"The infant was taken to the hospital for treatment' by the very man that is now accused in his death.


A post mortem found bruising on the boy's mouth leading investigators to believe that Mohamed had cupped his mouth resulting in suffocation.


On April 29 the couple was arrested. It is noted that they tested positive for drugs but it is not specified if the test was conducted at the time of the child's rape or at the time of their arrest.


Mohamed has been charged with murder of the infant under Section 302 which carries with it a mandatory death sentence if he is convicted according to the Malay Mail. The charge of sodomy was filed under Section 377c for intercourse against the order of nature, which would result in a sentence of 5 to 20 years and caning if he is convicted.


Mohamed entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of sodomy, but his plea to the murder charge was not entered. He did not have an attorney representing him at his court appearance.


He is due back in court on June 15.


His wife was charged with a drug related offense and will be a witness for the prosecution.