Just the Vaxx, Ma’am


I stumbled upon an intriguing article on the Business Insider site this evening, specifically their article entitled, “9 huge government conspiracies that actually happened,” by Christina Sterbenz. The article begins:

“We all know the conspiracy theories — the government’s plan for 9/11, the second gunman who shot JFK, the evolution of the elite from a race of blood-drinking, shape-shifting lizards. But the people who spread these ideas usually can’t prove them. As the years pass, however, secrets surface. Government documents become declassified. We now have evidence of certain elaborate government schemes right here in the US of A.”

#3 is of particular relevance given our current COVID-19 climate.

More than 100 million Americans received a polio vaccine contaminated with a potentially cancer-causing virus.

“From 1954 to 1961, simian virus 40 (SV40) somehow showed up in polio vaccines, according to the American Journal of Cancer. Researchers estimate 98 million people in the US, and even more worldwide, received contaminated inoculations.

Jonas Salk, creator of the inactivated-polio vaccine, used cells from rhesus monkeys infected with SV40, according to president of the National Vaccine Information Center Barbara Fisher, who testified before the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness in the US House of Representatives on this matter in 2003, after researching the situation for 10 years.”

In related news, Bill Gates may be a prophet!

Two years ago, in 2018, long before anyone heard the term COVID-19, President Trump met in the Oval Office with Bill Gates for a lengthy meeting in which Gates prophetically advised the president to proactively “invest in technologies” to respond to a pandemic. (This is the STAT News doublespeak 2020 retelling of the story—in 2018, the headline was Gates advised Trump to “get fired up about a universal flu vaccine”).  If you go back even further, you discover that Bloomberg reported in 2018 that it wasn’t one meeting, it was two—once in 2016 at Trump Tower, and the second in the Oval Office, not in 2018, but 2017.

Either Bill Gates has some serious ESP skills or Jim Morrison’s Native American spirit guide has been working overtime at the Gates’ household these past four years.

Don’t worry—nothing here to see—these aren’t the droids you’re looking for—yadda yadda yadda—history never repeats itself. Get back to your booze and boob tube binge watching and have a nice day. Sincerely yours, the U. S. Government


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