‘John of God’ Sentenced


Joao Teixeira de Faria, known as Joao de Deus or John of God received his first prison sentence on Thursday according to a statement released by the court.


A professed faith healer, Faria is a medium that developed an international following with claims that he could heal everything from depression to cancers with his psychic surgeries.


Hundreds of women, including his own daughter, have come forward with allegations that Faria regularly engaged in sexual abuse ranging from groping to rape.


In this case, 77 year old Faria was facing allegations of rape from four separate women.  He was sentenced by a  judge to 19 years and 4 month .  Lawyers for Faria stated that they will appeal the decision.


Faria is still facing additional trials related to ten sex crimes.


In 2012 Oprah Winfrey traveled to Brazil to interview him for her talk show. The episode aired in March of 2013.  She reported finding him "inspiring," but once allegations of abuse began to surface, she issued a statement saying she sympathized with the victims and hoped that they would obtain justice.



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