“I saw his eyes changing, and I knew I had to run”

Stacie Davis, 39. [Image credit: Liverpool Echo]

Stacie Davis spoke to the Liverpool Echo concerning an attack that she sustained while out walking to some shops last Tuesday, July 7th at approximately 9 am.


She reported that she saw a man, described as a black male over 6 feet and estimated to be in his 40s, coming out of a block of flats.  She said that she knew him from the area.


"I saw him and he said something, like he was muttering to himself," she told the Echo. "I said 'what?' but as soon as I said that I saw his eyes changing, and I knew I had to run.  At first he didn't catch up to me and I was scrambling to get my phone out of my pocket."


She said that when she did turn, he was right there and she received what she described as "the worst beating I have had in my life."


Despite her pleas, the attacker continued to hit her, and even reportedly stomped on her head and left her unconscious and bleeding.


Her daughter, Millie Gerrard, said "My mum's face was pouring with blood, no one new whether she was going to make it or not and she was out cold on the floor."


The next thing Davis knew, she woke up in a hospital.  She said that she was fortunate to be discharged without any brain damage or severe injuries.

Her assailant is still at large and investigators are asking anyone with information or possible dash cam footage to contact @MerPolCC or @CrimestoppersUK on 0800 555 111 quoting reference 20000397263.


"I have mental health issues and I don't know how this will affect me.  All my friends are round Ford Lane but I won't be going there until he's caught," Davis said.  "It was just the fact I was walking through my own area minding my own business and this happened to me."