Human remains found in two suitcases in Denver neighborhood

In the morning hours of Tuesday, December 30, officers were called to a neighborhood in southwest Denver after two suitcases, deemed to be suspicious, were found by a Denver public works employee working to clear sidewalks of snow.


Officers responded to the neighborhood and inspected the suitcases.  Inside, they located remains of a recently deceased white male.


The medical examiner has taken possession of the body and is working to determine a cause and manner of death and establish an identity.


The matter is being investigated as a homicide.


Police are appealing to the public for assistance in the investigation as they had not received any missing person reports that could be connected to the remains.  They are broadening the scope of their search to see if there are any missing person reports from other areas that match.


Denver Police major crimes division Lt. Matt Clark spoke during a press conference saying, "What we're hoping, one, is to get the information out so people know what happened in their neighborhood. Two, to attempts to obtain assistance in determining what transpired here and how this individual died and how and why he was left in the location and manner he was."


Clark indicated that they do not currently have any suspects but are working to obtain and review footage from home surveillance cameras to see if they perhaps captured anything.