How the Lynch (mob) Stole Christmas

Many of us have heard of the Christmas celebrations of antiquity. Some call it Saturnalia, Candlemas, Yule, Jule, or Angelfire. Historians and scholars, both classical and contemporary, tend to agree that the origins of all Winter Solstice rituals and celebrations have their roots in Mesopotamia (the Sumerians, aka ancient Babylon).

While these celebrations have their own unique iterations in nearly every culture, it is the German tradition I find most interesting. Clayton L. Luce, in his article entitled, “The Occult in Your Living Room! Christmas, Yule, and the Winter Solstice” writes:


“Ancient Germanic peoples adopted the festival of Yule (our modern Christmas) as its adaptation of earlier solstice holy days. Yule represented the time of greatest darkness and the longest night of the year and was also connected to the sun god Thor, who was drawn through the sky on a chariot drawn by goats, partly giving rise to the tradition of the Yule goat as well as modern reindeer.

In preparation of this long and cold night, the cities would burn a massive tree to provide long lasting warmth for the large crowds. This tree called a Yule log is also reflected in other traditions and symbolized as candles, chestnuts, night long burning fires, and in modern times strings of lights.”


So, why am I bringing this up now, more than a week before Thanksgiving and more than a month before the Winter Solstice (December 21) and Christmas Day? Because I see a possible link between this threat and the reports that came flooding in through both alternative and mainstream media outlets today forewarning that protesters plan to burn down the 77-foot tall Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. (According to the Rockefeller Center website, the tree arrived on November 14, and will be lit on December 2nd.)

Is this simply a clever way of getting around the Executive Order put into place on June 26, 2020 to prosecute anyone demolishing or defacing public memorials and statues? Does the mob expect to evade Section 1361 of Title 18, United States Code, which authorizes a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment for the willful injury of Federal property by merely burning down a tree instead of topping a statue?


…could this “not-so-randomly” selected act of “destruction” in fact be a very, very well thought out, intentional plot to reconstruct an ancient Babylonian Yule ritual—namely, burning down a tree in the town square to appease (or welcome in) the Solstice gods?