HOME ALONE? Put on a Mask!

Just the other day, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the DNR is now requiring that all 600+ of their employees wear a mask…during Zoom calls…from their own homes. For any skeptics out there, here is a direct quote:

“The head of the Department of Natural Resources is telling employees to wear face masks on teleconferences — even when they’re not around others and at no risk of spreading the coronavirus.”

Nasia Safdar, the medical director of infection control at UW Health fired back stating, “there is not a reason to routinely wear a mask in your home if that risk isn’t there. Wearing a mask on a Zoom call may be a way to show support for the idea, but, “in general I would tie mask use to transmission risk, and that doesn’t seem to be a good reason to wear it.”

GOP Rep Joe Sanfelippo of New Berlin weighed in, calling the teleconference mandate, ”Ridiculous,” and clarified his position by saying, “I’m more inclined to support things that actually do help as opposed to just putting on an appearance of helping,”

It seems that the new rule may be politically motivated as the teleconference mandate came on the heels of a Republican-controlled legislative announcement that they wished to soon vote to overturn public mask wearing mandates.


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