June 24, 2022. Looks like the New World Order has been so busy capturing pawns the last two and a half years, they neglected to guard their queen. So busy were they, making sure everyone was wearing their masks and dutifully shoving Q-tips up their noses, that nobody noticed that Someone was slowly turning up the heat beneath that back burner the elites had set Roe v. Wade upon. The elites—masters of diversion—beat, once again, at their own game.

Nancy Pelosi, tearing up as she delivered her Academy Award speech this A.M., stated, “There’s no point in saying good morning because it certainly is not.” She went on to call the decision “disgraceful” and then accused the Republican-controlled court of achieving their, “dark, extreme goal.” (Because, saving innocent babies from being murdered in their own mother’s womb…man, yeah, that is dark! What sort of evil madmen want to SAVE babies?)

Pelosi should have her mouth washed out with soap for saying the word disgraceful. What in the world does this woman, in favor of the ritualistic slaughter of unborn babies, know about grace?!

As I sit here today writing this article, I have rejoiced over the Supreme Court decision. I have praised and thanked God. I have excitedly sent cyber high-fives to all my praying friends. I cried as I saw footage on You Tube of Americans gathered in Washington D.C. cheering and crying over the landmark decision. As I saw the crowds rejoicing, I envisioned their praise and their tears rising like incense into heaven into the nostrils of God. I implored God in prayer that He would receive our offerings of praise and repentance and that He would once again, bend the heavens like a bow, and step down to help us fight this war.

Because the battle is not over, it has just begun.

They are still after our children. An estimated 29 states will continue to offer abortions going forward, and for the children that make it out of the womb alive—they will inherit Plan B: slow death—18+ years in educational facilities that will propagandize them with doctrines of demons, strip them of their innocence, and groom them for perversion. Now is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. Yes, God has his hand in this cosmic chess match, and He has just captured the enemy’s queen…but both kings are still on the board. And so, the match continues.

Let us not get haughty. Let us not praise any one president, court, or institution for this remarkable twist of fate and thusly put our hope, faith, or admiration in man. Let us continue to pray, fast, and repent of the bloodshed we have allowed in this nation; and continue to walk in obedience, and to nurture a love of righteousness, looking only to God and His power to deliver us.

It is likely not a coincidence that June 24, 2022, numerologically equates to 666. This doesn’t mean the elites will get by with whatever they have planned (and rest assured, they do have something planned); but it does mean, at the very least, they left their watermark on this event, for those with eyes to see.

So, let us rejoice in this victory. But let us not be fooled. Our country still lies in the hands of wicked men. These judges that overturned Roe v. Wade are the very same judges that sat by and watched an election get stolen and who stood by as millions of Americans needlessly lost their jobs and their lives during a plannedemic. We know where their loyalties ultimately lie.

Do not lose heart. Today was a resounding victory. Babies will be saved. God’s name will be honored. Righteousness will be upheld by 21 states (God willing, even more!) As the states divide on this issue, perhaps we will see an Egypt vs. Goshen line of demarcation. A display of God’s blessings and curses upon those who uphold and those who desecrate His laws.

And, lastly, there is one thing the elites failed to consider. No matter what their plot behind all this is, they failed to account for the decisive action Almighty God may take to personally intervene and fight alongside the millions of Americans who today, through their tears and praises in the public square, declared before the throne, “We do not consent to this bloodshed!” Will this repentance prompt the God of all the Earth to come down as in the days of Babel and put a stop to the advancement of the enemy’s plan?

It is my prayer that He will. NOT because I want some Messiah-less Great Reset; but because I long to see Yahweh display His glory in all the earth; and to see our elites—like the pharaohs and the kings of Babylon—bowing their knee and acknowledging that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the one, true God.

May it be so!


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