Guilty pleas concerning child pornography

A New Jersey woman has pleaded guilty to a charge of receiving child pornography and a charge of possession of child pornography.


23-year-old Karissa A. Cave admitted to the court that she asked for a file depicting the sexual abuse of a female toddler from another woman while talking on December 7, 2016 on Facebook messenger.  Upon receipt of the video, she admitted to the court that she asked, “Is there any more?”


The woman at the other end of the communication, Samantha York, 29, has been arrested as well and accused of not only producing a video depicting the sexual abuse of a female toddler, but distributing that footage to at least two people.


Due to the fact that Cave is now scheduled to be sentenced on June 16, 2020, the logical question was 'what is the current status with York, then?'


While a quick search didn't bring up any information about the current status of York's case, we did fine another guilty plea concerning child pornography that happened just yesterday.


By Charles Thompson | | Penn Live

LEBANON - Once one of the feistier members of the Pennsylvania Senate, where tradition, decorum and allegiance to party are the general order of the day, Mike Folmer was the picture of surrender Thursday as he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography charges that abruptly ended his legislative career last fall.

“I’m at the mercy of the court,” Folmer told Judge Joseph Madenspacher at one point during morning proceedings.


Folmer, a Lebanon resident, pleaded guilty to possessing three images of child pornography, and using his personal cellphone to upload at least one of the images to a social media account.


Folmer’s photos, all of which prosecutors said showed persons under the age of 18 in some form of indecent sexual contact, were uncovered by a pornography monitoring system run by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Persons, and eventually traced by state Attorney General’s agents to Folmer’s accounts.


It was, Senior Deputy Attorney General Christopher Jones said afterward, a pretty open and shut case of possession, and Folmer, in pleading guilty, seemed to be acknowledging as much - though he was not ready to do so publicly.


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