Grizzly Sacrifice in Ghana

Collins Yagbil, 35, of Talensi district, Ghana

Last Thursday, July the 24th, Collins Yagbil took his two young children to a shrine.  What happened there though, is the thing of horror stories.


Once at the shrine, he attempted to behead his 9 year old son, and scattered his blood on the rocks.  In response to this, his daughter, estimated to be about two years old in some accounts, began to scream.  This angered Yagbil, so he began by removing her hands and then beheaded her, scattering her blood on the rocks as well.


Alerted that something was amiss, his wife came out.  When she began screaming for help from the neighbors and attacking her husband, she was the next victim.


The community banded together and sought to lynch Yagbil for his crimes, but local Police were able to take him into custody.  In a form of retaliation, since they were unable to reach Yagbil, the community torched his residence.


Community members have since commented that Yagbil had a history of acting abnormally, but that since they thought that he was possessed by the gods he worshiped, they did not see it as a mental illness needing treatment.


Several reports have emerged though, that despite the horrors enacted against him, the young son survived the attack and is responding well to treatment in a hospital.