Girl Reports Father For Rape

“I would have tolerated all this had my father not tried to rape my younger sister a few days ago. I have decided to teach my father a lesson,” the young girl is said to have told the authorities.


An unnamed 42 year old man from Meerut, an Army sepoy, was arrested on October 6th and the investigation is ongoing.


“We have arrested the accused and have been sent booked under rape charge and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. We are investigating the role of the mother because the victim has leveled serious allegations against her also,” a local police officer with knowledge of the case is quoted as saying.


The mother is also under investigation after the girl leveled accusations that she was a mute observer of the abuses and did nothing to stop them. The mother has said that she herself was beaten anytime she spoke up against the actions of her husband.


According to the Indian Express, the girl has turned a video and text evidence over to police. They additionally said that she had run away from home two months ago and only returned after her mother assured her that the abuse would stop.