Foster parents arrested for child abuse death

Ramando Jones, 36, and Dacey Spinuzzi, 31, of Pueblo West, Colorado. [Image credit: Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office]

31-year-old Dacey Spinuzzi, a foster mother and the boyfriend she shared her home with are both behind bars for their involvement in the death of a 15-month-old child that had been placed into her care on June 23.


“This is an unthinkable tragedy that no child should have to ever endure,” Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor said in the release. “The arrests that were made in this heinous, senseless crime are a result of the relentless work by our detectives. I thank them for their meticulous and diligent work in ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice.”


On September 16 emergency services were called for an unresponsive infant.  Aiden Seeley was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later flown to a hospital in Colorado Springs where he died two days later.


A medical examination and autopsy revealed that his injuries were the result of child abuse.


On September 30, arrest warrants were issued for both Spinuzzi and her boyfriend, 36-year-old Ramando Jones.


Jones who was already in custody on an unrelated charge, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder of a child by one in a position of trust.  Spinuzzi was arrested on a charge of child abuse resulting in death.


The statement from the Sheriff's Department states that their arrest warrant has been sealed and no further information will be revealed.


Three other foster children were removed from the home and placed into protective custody, and a biological child of Spinuzzi and Jones was placed into the care of a family member.