Father of missing girl sentenced

Oakley Carlson, 5, of Oakville, Washington. [Image credit: Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office]

Grays Harbor, Washington: 5-year-old Oakley Carlson has yet to be found since she was discovered to be missing on December 7, 2021 by the Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office.


Her biological father, Andrew Carlson's location however, is well known.


On Monday, March 28, he was sentenced by Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge Katherine Svoboda to the maximum possible of 12 months for two counts of child endangerment.


"It's a father's job to protect their children, and you certainly failed in that, Mr. Carlson," Svoboda stated.


Carlson had plead guilty to those two charges, related to exposing two other children to methamphetamine, earlier this month. The two children, ages 6 and 2, both tested positive for methamphetamine through separate hair follicle drug tests on December 10, 2021.


Initially an additional charge of abandonment had been filed against Carlson, but that charge was dismissed as a part of a plea bargain.


"He gained a considerable benefit from the plea agreement," Grays Harbor County's Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Jason Walker said.


Carlson has been in custody for four months already, so even with a 12-month sentence, he is looking at the possibility of release around August.


Svoboda explained the sentencing to Carlson saying, "These cases are frustrating for the court because we are limited by what the prosecutor brings before us and what the Legislature gives us as sentencing authority. Despite this being a Class C felony, I cannot sentence you outside the range of six to 12 months."


Carlson is scheduled to be back in court on September 12 for a review of his court-ordered dependency evaluation. Should he fail to meet that requirement, KCPQ reports that he will be incarcerated.


The case against Oakley's mother, Jordan Leigh Bowers, is ongoing. She was in court on Friday, March 25 where she plead not guilty to a charge of withholding medication from a child that had been required by a doctor for over a year.


Investigators are still seeking answers concerning Oakley and continue to seek assistance from the public. Those with information that may be relevant to the case are asked to contact the sheriff's office on the non-emergency line at (360) 533-8765 to speak with a deputy, or call Detective Sgt. Paul Logan at (360) 964-1729 or via email at sodetectives@co.grays-harbor.wa.us.