Couple lives for months with corpse of mother they killed during lockdown

Anna Todorova, 46, and her daughter Teresa K, 19, of l'Alcúdia de Crespins, Spain. [Image credit: The Olive Press]

Thursday morning a Bulgarian teenager came into the Canals barracks to report that he knew of a murder that had taken place but not been reported.  He informed the officers that his female friend had confided in him that her friend had stabbed her mother.  This girl reportedly knew it was true as she had been asked to help move the body.


Officers asked for information to make contact with this female witness, and her story matched what officers had been told.  She provided them with further information detailing that her friend had stabbed her mother in the chest twice and then later slit her throat.  She stated she had been asked by her friend and her friend's boyfriend to assist with moving the body into a bathtub.


Considering the seriousness of the allegations they were hearing, officers quickly obtained a search warrant and showed up at the residence in question.


There, they made contact with a 19-year-old woman identified as Teresa K., and her 18-year-old boyfriend who has not been named.  In the bathtub officers found the mummified remains of  46-year-old Anna Todorova, Teresa's mother.


Due to the state of decomposition of the body, investigators were unable to determine a definite date of death, but they were able to confirm the presence of stab wounds.  It is estimated that Anna was killed in April, while all of Spain was under lock-down orders due to the Coronavirus.


Both Teresa and her boyfriend have been taken into custody and are expected to be charged sometime this weekend for homicide.  They are being held separately at the same facility as investigators work to determine to which extent each of them were involved in the death.


Neighbors could not escape noticing the stench that seemed to permeate the air around their apartment building, but they never suspected that it came from a decomposing body.  Neighbors spoke with Las Provincias and stated that fighting was a common occurrence; it wasn't uncommon to hear yelling.  There was a time when police had been called to break up the domestic disturbance, but there was no physical violence involved.


When anyone questioned about where Anna was, Teresa had told them that "she would return in a few days."