Couple accused of waterboarding child in attempted exorcism


by: Angela Shen | KFOR 


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) - Police are investigating a couple after they allegedly abused their seven-year-old child by trying to "exorcise" him.


"Apparently, for whatever reason, the parents believe that one of the children may have been demon-possessed, and they were trying to perform an exorcism by waterboarding the child," MSgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police said.


According to court documents, concerned friends of the suspected couple went to police after they noticed things they didn't look right on the child. There were "several welts on his body and head as well as bruising on his wrists."


Witnesses even got text messages from the couple talking about exorcising demons from the boy.


"It was one child in particular that was being abused, that [the suspects] felt that was possibly possessed by demons and felt like they needed to take action to do that, and that's when the abuse occurred," Knight said.


When police spoke to the male suspect, they say he appeared to be under the influence of some type of drug and was acting erratic and paranoid.


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