Church shooting leaves 3 children and 1 adult dead

Sacramento, California: Monday, February 28, just after 5:00 pm officers were called to a Sacramento church on a report of shots fired.


The investigation remains ongoing and the names of the victims and the shooter have not yet been released by law enforcement.


What is known at this time, however, is that a father, 39, was meeting his three daughters, ages 9, 10, and 13, at the church during a supervised visit.


The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office has revealed that the mother of the three girls had a restraining order against the father which barred him from possessing any firearms.


Regardless of this, investigators have determined at this time that the man turned the gun first on the adult male that was supervising the visit before then shooting his own daughters.


Finally, he turned the gun on himself.


A church employee that was working upstairs at the time of the meeting heard the shots and called the police as they exited the building.


The three girls all attended Natomas Unified School District which issued a statement after news of the shooting broke.


"There are very few words that can give comfort right now for this unspeakable tragedy," the statement read in part. "We will have our Social-Emotional Support Team and Chaplains from Sacramento Police Department available at [Bannon Creek School and Leroy Greene Academy] this morning to provide grief counseling and support. This support extends to anyone in the district who may need it."