Boy that was kidnapped in September found on dark web

7-year-old Savely Rogovtsev went missing on September 28 after stepping off of a school bus and had been feared dead.


A large scale investigation was launched after Savely disappeared which involved the police, army and volunteers.  In October, the Ministry of International Affairs of the Russian Federation announced a 1 million ruble reward for information in the case.


The break in the case came in the form of a phone call to the United Duty Dispatch Service  indicating that intelligence sources had located the boy on the dark web and indicated that he was being held approximately 14 miles from his home on the outskirts of another village.


Colonel Irina Volk, of the Russian Interior Ministry, indicated that the tip came through "foreign colleagues through Interpol channels."


There were no other children at the residence when officers arrived.  The only other person there was an as of yet unnamed 26-year-old man that has been taken into custody for suspected kidnapping.


According to his father, Alexander Rogovtsev, Savely made it home close to midnight, ate some sweets, drank tea, and immediately fell asleep.


Rogovtsev said they had their son medically checked out and that he had been given a clean bill of health.


Gennady Prokhorichev, the regional children's ombudsman said, "This is a miracle. Thank God it is a story with a happy ending."


Nonetheless, Prokhorichev admonished the parents for not escorting their child both to and from the school bus stop saying, "This is a lesson for us all."  He additionally stated that Savely needs "strong psychological help" paired with "the love of his family."