‘Baby Holly’ located over 40 years after her parents were murdered

Houston, Texas: 17-year-old Tina Gail Linn Clouse and 21-year-old Harold Dean Clouse Jr. were last heard from in 1980. They had an infant daughter named Holly. Since then, their families have wondered what happened to them and their daughter.


On January 12, 1981 two deceased individuals were located in a wooded area of Houston, Texas. The victims of an apparent homicide, their identities could not be ascertained at the time.


It was not until 2021 that Identifiers International, through the use of genetic genealogy were able to identify the remains as belonging to Tina and Harold.


No sign of Holly had been found with the remains of her parents.


The Texas Attorney General's office announced that earlier this week, they located the now 42-year-old Holly at her place of employment.


According to KRIV she is married, the mother of five children, and resides in Oklahoma now.


She was told of her biological family and has since been in contact with her extended family online.


Texas Attorney General First Assistant Bret Webster disclosed at a press conference yesterday that as a baby, Holly was left at a church by two women in white robes who were barefoot in Arizona. From there, she was eventually adopted.


"The family that raised Holly is not considered suspect in this case. Two women who identified themselves as members of a nomadic religious group brought Holly to the church," Webster said. "We were grateful that we found her, but we must continue with our purpose of finding who murdered this couple."


At this time, law enforcement believe that the Clouses were killed sometime between December 1980 and January 1981, approximately the time that a woman identifying herself as Sister Susan contacted the couple's relatives to return their car.


Family met with Sister Susan at the Daytona Race Track in Florida. They told law enforcement that there were two or three women in robes and possibly one male with them. The family was informed that the Clouses had joined their religious group and no longer wished to have contact with their family.


"I am extremely proud of the exceptional work done by my office's newly formed Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit," Attorney General Ken Paxton said. "My office diligently worked across state lines to uncover the mystery surrounding Holly's disappearance. We were successful in our efforts to locate her and reunite her with her biological family."


"Finding Holly is a birthday present from heaven since we found her on Junior's birthday," her grandmother Donna Casasanta said. "I prayed for more than 40 years for answers and the Lord has revealed some of it... we have found Holly."


"Thank you to all of the investigators for working so hard to find Holly. I prayed for them day after day and that they would find Holly and she would be alright."


"The very first thing that ran through my head when we heard Holly was found was the call that I got eight months ago... about my sister's death," Holly's uncle Les Linn stated. "The juxtaposition of that call with Holly's sudden discovery just popped into my head. To go from hoping to find her to suddenly meeting her less than 8 months later- how miraculous is that?"