Arizona Father Arrested for Child Abuse

Mario Hernandez, 19, of Phoenix, Arizona

On Monday July 1st, a five month old girl was brought to Phoenix Children's Hospital with a brain bleed, a rib fracture and a wound inside of her throat which prompted a call to the Phoenix Police Department on suspicion of child abuse.


When the initial explanation of the injuries being a result of the girl rolling off the bed didn't wash with investigators, the infant's father, Mario Hernandez, 19, was arrested and booked into Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail on suspicion of child abuse. He is being held on a $75,000 bond.   He faces three counts of child abuse.


Hernandez told detectives in an interview that "he had become frustrated and had blacked out while caring for the infant," the report said.   Because she would not stop crying, he pushed her roughly onto the bed and placed his hand over her mouth.  He stated that one of his fingers may have gone into her mouth causing the injury to her throat.  He then "heard a crack, but didn't think it was anything serious,"  when he picked her up under her arms and squeezed, according to the report.


Hernandez is due back in court on Tuesday, July 9th.