Are you prepared?

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…. (Eph 6:12)

Through the Black has reached a milestone.

For the first time, the call for volunteers has gone out.  Not just for those willing to sign up and dedicate time out of their schedules to join the prayer armoury, but for writers, researchers, graphic designers, consultants, and those willing to be trained up for Freedom Encounters.

It’s an exciting time.

As the e-mails have come flooding in expressing interest, the attrition has begun to show almost as quickly as the applications have back out.

It’s one thing to stand up and boldly proclaim, “Here am I Lord, send me!” as Isaiah did.  It’s a whole different matter to be prepared for, and expecting the target that appears on your back when you do so.

Stepping up into any position of ministry will always make you a target.


Many people are watchful for the large Job-type attacks that come seemingly out of nowhere and roar over you like a fully-loaded freight train.  But are you as vigilant for the small, seemingly inconsequential attacks that sting day by day?  Even the greatest redwoods are felled by seemingly inconsequential bites from a comparatively small ax.

We are well aware that the opportunities that Through the Black has available for volunteers at this time are not for everyone.  Even those that people feel may be a fit for them, may instead be an opportunity from God to learn what their limitations are and where He would rather they refocus their time and energy.

But know this: whether it’s a fit or not, the attacks will come.  So what should you do?

If you’re reading this because you’ve volunteered already, or are considering doing so, you likely know us well enough to know that we highly endorse the courses and teachings that Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness has developed over more than 30 years as boots on the ground.  The unfortunate thing is that much of what he discusses are not found in local churches or even small group studies.

So if you’re just stepping up, consider looking at, and listening through the Five As of Spiritual Warfare. The audio is an hour and a half, so you may need to break it up, but you will not regret investing the time.  But I think we can all agree that just listening to an audio file is not enough.  That information must then be actively applied to your life to be of any benefit to you.

And if all of this is just overwhelming to you, start small.  If you don’t already have a habit of reading your Bible daily, today’s the day to start.  If you manage to get three days in a row and then fail, start again the following day.  Just don’t give up.  Keep standing back up and pushing on.

In addition to reading daily, devote some time to prayer.  I think it’s safe to say that we’re all intimidated by those stories of the great prayer warriors that spent hours each and every day in prayer without fail.  Thankfully, our Father did not create us to all be identical. Some people struggle to find five minutes to sit in focused, specific and targeted prayer.  Regardless of how long,  we must pray.  Chances are, once you start building the habit, you’ll find you desire to spend more and more time in prayer.

While we want believers to be empowered to stand boldly in their faith, not every battle can be fought alone.  We’re to be the body of Christ, not a series of islands.  When you’re struggling to overcome, reach out.  Please.  Don’t let the enemy wear you down slowly by telling you that you must fight alone and overcome or you’re a failure.  It’s a lie.  Through the Black is a family, and we’re here for one another.