Another mother accused of trying to sell her baby on the black market

For the second time in less than a month, news has emerged about a mother attempting to sell her baby.


This time, 24-year-old Valentina Makukha of Ukraine was found attempting to sell her newborn son over social media for just over $6,500.


An anti-slavery organization that was founded in Russia in 2011, Alternativa reached out to her in an attempt to get her to reconsider selling her child as it would be likely that he could end up in the hands of traffickers.


Makukha remained "adamant" about selling her child though, asserting that she needed the money to care for her mother due to financial concerns brought on by Covid, so Alternativa contacted the police.


Makukha has been arrested and faces a possible sentence of 5 years in jail.


She was allegedly found boasting that she could find other babies for those seeking to buy online and even allegedly said, "I have a doctor I know. He can help find children," saying that mothers "gave birth without documents and the babies will not be missed."


She reassured the prospective buyer that there will be no problems with "the product."


Additionally, reports indicate that a man in China, identified only as Liu, also facing financial hardship brought on by Covid, attempted to sell his 49-day-old son.  Both Liu, the mother Zhang, and the woman that purchased the child Xu, have been arrested and charged with child trafficking.


The reported purchase price was approximately $24,850.00 as well as a gold necklace and gold bracelet.