An avalanche of exposure


Years later, there are still ripples running through society as a result of the 2016 bombshell that was WikiLeaks exposure of the Hillary Clinton/ John Podesta emails.


Suddenly people were hearing terms like "Spirit Cooking" and asking questions. Who was this Marina that the Podesta brothers were talking with, and just what was she doing at these dinners she hosted?


In just this year alone, Project Veritas has already exposed both Twitter- for Dorsey's plans to continue politically motivated censorship and also expand that to a global level according to a member of their legal department, but also Facebook for acknowledging as Angela Merkel accused, that they have "too much power," and their focus on partisan and social justice issues.


Now, the social justice movement itself us facing exposure.


Enter WokeyLeaks.


Introduced as a "public repository for leaked 'woke' documents," Paul Joseph Watson stated that he was able to confirm the person behind it was in fact who they said they were: a celebrity insider that moves in the scenes in both the United Kingdom and United States.


"This is a genuine leftest, somebody who vehemently disagrees with me on many issues," Watson states, "but what prompted him to spill the beans on his woke acquaintances" was when someone spoke to him saying, 'people are concerned about your use of POC hand emojis on Instagram,' likening it to "blackface."


It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.


"I have been complicit in this hypocritical wokeness, but I never called it out. I was scared of being unpopular. In my community of social justice warrior friends, popularity (measured by social media followers) is everything," the whistleblower explains in his introductory article published on Spectator.


"Social justice," he continues, "has become a product of social media, which itself exists not to make the world more equal but to make a small number of people in Silicon Valley excessively rich."


"We are so trapped within the algorithm that we’re blind to the fact that social justice is no longer a political movement but a branding exercise. We are not activists and revolutionaries but consumers, liking and sharing videos and memes about democracy and equality on phones built by serfs in faraway fiefdoms. This is why the social justice movement has been so rapidly and seamlessly adopted by corporate America. It’s all PR with no action."


In a day and time when the first amendment right to freedom of speech is being blatantly attacked, those seeking to expose "woke culture" cannot hope to escape the repercussions.


"Lastly, because of woke culture’s almost Kafkaesque nature, rejecting wokeness (or even questioning it) can be extremely difficult, and one runs the risk of being ‘cancelled’. For the time being, therefore, wokeness needs to be addressed anonymously."



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