Amid censorship a taboo is revealed

It started with an article in Le Monde about a memoir about to be published.


La Familia Grande is a new book written by Camille Kouchner and reveals that her twin brother, beginning at the age of 14, was the victim of incest perpetrated by their step-father, Olivier Duhamel, a "prominent French intellectual," according to the New York Times.


The article in Le Monde was published on January 4, just ahead of the January 7 release of the book.


In a statement to Le Monde, Kouchner's brother stated, "I confirm that what my sister has written about the actions of Olivier Duhamel toward me is correct."


On January 5, an "investigation of the counts of rape and sexual assault by person having authority over a 15-year-old minor" was opened.  In response to the allegations, Duhamel, 70, resigned from all of his posts.


"I am stepping down from my posts after being the target of personal attacks as I want to preserve the institutions in which I work," France 24 quoted Duhamel as saying.


Kouchner alleges that the "leftist intellectual friends" that her parents associated with were not unaware of what was going on.


"Of course, I thought my book might seem obscene because of my family's fame. Then I thought to myself, this is exactly what needs to be done," Kouchner said.


Her father released a statement in support of her work through his lawyer saying that a "heavy secret that has been weighing on us for too long has happily been lifted.  I applaud the courage of my daughter Camille."


This last weekend, the hashtag #Metooinceste began trending on Twitter in France as people began to share their own testimonies as well as encouragement for those that were finally speaking up, sometimes for the first time in their lives.


The hashtag is still actively being used.


According to some studies, it is estimated that one in ten children in France are victims of incest.